Building a Learning Center


Central to the Friend’s of Perch Lake’s mission is to build a Reception and Learning Center at Homestead Parklands.  Some of the ways we’re raising funds to build the center is through the sale of DVDs.

Homestead Forever

“Homestead Forever” is a professional DVD that documents the history of the Homestead Parklands’ beautiful property and provides a sample of the homesteading stories that Donna Seim presents to school children.  Follow the link to see a short clip from the “Homestead Forever” DVD.

Cost of “Homestead Forever”:  $20


An Interview with Donna Seim  – NEW in 2018!

“An Interview with Donna Seim” is a 30 minute DVD in which Donna talks about the process of saving the park and hopes for the future.

Cost of “An Interview with Donna Seim”:  $15

Download times vary from ten minutes to two hours, depending upon your internet connection.  Visit the Donate page to order hard copies of DVD by mail.


Thank you for your support!